Men, women and children share their real experiences from their theme Cruise

Sandra Keller

For our 20th wedding anniversary, my husband and I decided to try an Epic Cruise just to relax for a few days. When we weren’t having fun with Zumba, we were floating in the pool under the warm sun, sipping fluorescent drinks, or dining like kings and queens at the buffet. Mission accomplished!

Penny Baker

After hearing my friends rave so much about the Zumba Cruise offered by Epic, I decided to try it for myself. Not only did I have a blast while getting into shape, I also made a handful of new friends from all over the country. I cannot wait to go on another Epic Cruise over the summer.

Sammy McClowsky

My wife was determined to go on the Zumba private island experience in Labadee, so I decided to tag along. I don’t know which one of us was more surprised at just how much fun I had, both on the ship and on the private island. Even the staff members were extremely accommodating, as well as friendly.

Amy Arana

Ever since I was a little girl, I dreamt about having the perfect honeymoon. My new husband and I would embark on a romantic getaway at sea. We would eat, drink and be merry before watching the gorgeous sunset from the top of an enormous vessel. Then we could dance the night away. Thanks to Epic Cruise Solution, that dream recently became a reality.

Jill Jackson

For my high school graduation, my parents got me a music festival themed cruise. Going with my two best friends, it was the most fun I have ever had. We spent 96 hours partying in the pool and on the dancefloor at night. Epic Cruise Solution is the best!

Lordes Walker

I am a retired businesswoman from New York. I was certain that the Epic Cruise Solution theme cruise would be filled with hundreds young adults, and that I would be out of place. But to my surprise, there were guests of all ages. I quickly found a few ladies to participate in fitness classes with. Then we sat on the pool deck and played pinochle. We are already planning our next Epic theme cruise vacation for next year.

Marcus Cimaglia

Overall, everyone in my family loved this fitness cruise. We spend plenty of time together as a family, as well as apart, each occupying our time with personal interests. While my wife was practicing yoga, I exercised on top-notch machinery in the wonderful fitness center. My son went swimming, and my two daughters were happy to sit in the spa with their new friends who they met onboard. We all enjoyed ourselves.

Mohammed Alzeen

The Epic themed cruise for was a wonderful introduction to Haiti for both my wife and I. We particularly loved the relaxing atmosphere, as well as the marvelous food, fun activities and top-notch accommodations. This is exactly what we look for when we travel overseas. We look forward to doing it again very soon.

Robin Baker

Wow, what a honeymoon I just had. Me and my new hubby enjoyed an alternative lifestyle cruise for like-minded people. We enjoyed excellent service throughout our days and nights at sea. The ship’s itinerary was plenty of fun, but we made the best memories singing in the bar and tearing up the dancefloor at night. We would love to do it again soon.

Billy Keifer

I am a 16-year-old football player from Miami, so I wasn’t expecting a health & wellness cruise to the Caribbean with my family to be anything special. Boy was I wrong. Its walking tracks, obstacle courses and yoga decks were amazing. But getting there and back was just as fun after I made plenty of new friends my age from all over the world.

Debbie Barnes

My family and I had a fantastic time on Epic Cruise Solution’s fitness cruise. I would recommend their fitness Cruise to anyone considering hitting the seas for a few days and nights. The staff went that extra mile to make sure we had everything we needed, from clean sheets to fine dining and refreshing cocktails. Even the servers at our kids’ table were extremely helpful. Thanks, Epic Cruise Solution.

Jared Cohn

This was my first music theme cruise and I was blown away at just how much there is to do, both on and off the ship. The entertainment options are endless, and so is the food. The crew was awesome. From the ship’s Captain to the servers and the cleaning crew, everybody was professional. Epic Cruise Solution rocks!

John Lee

The fitness Cruise was so much fun. We went to a private island, Labadee, that is gorgeous. The staff was fabulous. They were friendly and accommodating. I just wish the excursion would have lasted longer. I never wanted it to end.

Jane Brooke

While there was always fitness Classes and plenty of other exciting activities taking place on the Epic Cruise, my favorite part was the healthy edible extravaganza all day and night. The professional massage wasn’t bad either. I am ready to go again.

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